About Us

WHITE MOUNTAIN LAND COMPANY was formed in 1983 by Karen Feltham and Howard Warren. After graduating from the Boston University Graduate School of Management, both were pursuing jobs in corporate America when they invested in a piece of land in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, where they had grown up.  One land investment lead to another, until investing in land became a business in itself, and they returned to the beauty and quality of life the Lakes Region has to offer.

Over the years, WHITE MOUNTAIN LAND COMPANY has had offices in the White Mountain and Lake Sunapee areas, as well as in the Lakes Region, and has been the majority owner in a surveying and engineering company.  Now, the company operates out of an office in Laconia, and focuses on buying land and selling building lots and acreage in the Lakes Region.

When you contact WHITE MOUNTAIN LAND COMPANY, you will deal directly with an owner, who has the expertise in the local land market and the many years of experience to guide you through the process of purchasing your land.